In the Haute Savoie countryside (France), in Seynod close to Annecy, Alexandre Gantelet, a retired farmer, have peaceful days in family, between his farm and his workshop.

From his previous activity, it still have the taste for Nature and outdoor life, and it is very natural for him to keep the rhythm of various jobs in the farm and care to the animals.
He also has from this time a very strong knowledge of the work on metal, so important for a farmer to run his various machines.
Thus, he accumulated in his workshop, a lot of tools which repaired or adapted his machines, and which are today totally dedicated to his art.
So he continue with the Sculpture the activity he had before , and he is happy to realize today what is a real hobby for him : working on steel.
It is a flying duck that first issue from his workshop, very soon followed by a beautiful collection of sculptures, so shining, that you can admire in the "Gallery" pages of this site.
You will not be surprised to note, by visiting it, that the bigest part of the gallery is filled with birds. As an evidence, it is his favorite interest, born from a passion which comes to him from his childhood, when he observed them all around.
He recreate them today with the same passion, in this material in the same time hard and smooth : the steel. Capturing instants of his subjects life , he sculpt them in some attitudes where they seem to be alive.