As indicated before, Alexandre is realy fan of birds. He very often observe them, appreciating as an expert their agility, grace and perfection.

Probably having this old human dream, flying and rise in the airs freely, he even can represent birds, as if he can fly together with them.
Since a long time interested by this subject, he never miss any occasion to observe them during visits to ornithological parks of the area. The Aigles du Léman, in Sciez, and the Parc des Dombes, especially
inspired to him many birds, that you can see on this site.

A wonderfull website :
He has a lot of documents on the subject. His personal library is very helpfull to get the details for his sculptures, giving particularly dimensions and positions of the animals.
Many of his creations are directly inherited from the photographs in these birds books on which it also discover many details concerning their life, their countries and their migrations.
He is then a known expert for family and friends who often ask some information on some just seen bird.
The Alps Horn

It is a recent hobby of Alexandre. For a long time part of a musical group, he was interested in that instrument which is getting more and more success nowadays. He practices it regularly.
He recently bought one, beautifuly decorated , and he has a lot of pleasure to join colleagues of his group to produce very appreciated concerts.