Année : 1998
Exemplaires : 1
Hauteur (cm) : 64

Like other animals in the gallery, the Eagle seems alive and the way he fixes us is a little intimidating. When observing, we are strucked by his haughty attitude, and by his sharp and shining glance. We also notice the detail in his legs, well presented on the smooth wood on which he stands. This eagle is also made of stainless steel, but like some other sculptures, it kept its rough aspect, except for some parts of his body (eyes, wings, claws...). It is then more wild and impressing.
Alexandre was always fascinated by the Eagle. As a good observer of nature, it never forget to raise eyes on the raptor which planes quietely in the village sky. Whith his experience and many documentation he collected, he can give the name of the animal which fly around. He particularly observed this bird during visits to the park "les Aigles du Léman" in Sciez. A few pictures of this Eagle were enough to help him to reproduce the proud attitude of this splendid bird.

Les Aigles du Léman