Année : 1980
Exemplaires : 1
Hauteur (cm) : 37

This is the very first sculptures of Alexandre. Like the following works, this one was made out of normal steel, more flexible and easy to manipulate. It was then chromium plated in order to protect it from oxydizing. This bird wich is flying fast is shown on a base, straight and rigid, wich accentuates the impression of swiftness.The origin of this is a very old story, coming from Alexandre's youth . Indeed, when he was child, Alexandre, already attracted by the creative activities, was used to build small ducks, modelling clay, attaching them to decorate the Christmas crib. He often observed the wild ducks coming back each season to eat nipples in the close wood of "Les Muriers". The figurine disappeared but the memory remained, giving inspiration for the first piece of his collection.