Roe deer (female)
Année : 1984
Exemplaires : 1
Hauteur (cm) : 86

It is today, the only quadruped of the collection, and that is not the only exploit. Indeed, it is undoubtedly the one whose genesis lasted longest. Not less than four years were necessary to its realization. Alexandre was then in working in is farm, and had less time for his hobby. This animal in real size was made with polished steel sheets. It could unfortunately not be chromium plated, like other sculptures, because of its form wich not allow a correct electrolysis. On this timorous animal, always on the watch, we remark the position of the ears which are directed on the front and the other on the side, as if listening to a suspect noise.Its story is really surprising. This female of the roe-deer was only a few weeks old when it was discovered in a wood, by an acquaintance of Alexandre. This one decided, undoubtedly a little quickly, to adopt it, thinking that this baby had lost his mother. She nourishes it and the animal was nine months when Alexandre, decided to reproduce it with metal. One morning, in the cowshed where cows awaited their lunch, he drew the silhouette of it on the board which covered its flour vat. Then each day, at the same hour, he was taking his pencil and refined his drawing, by adding a detail here, correcting a curve there, and thus, taking time, he finished the rough sketch. Then only, according to his agenda, he started to carve the animal. It often turned back to see the model in its enclosure, watching for the attitudes and appreciating dimensions of the animal. But at this time he left that sculpture, having other animal to go on, and finished it only four years later.