Année : 1996
Exemplaires : 1
Hauteur (cm) : 50

This one is great in Alexandre's heart . This bird which is taking off and that we imagine skimming the lake, is a very beautiful example of the capacity for the artist to control the movement of the flight, to keep the harmony of the forms and to maintain it while defying the balance rules.
Generally, the choice of the created subjects is guided by very personal criteria. An intuition, a thunderbolt on an image, a desire to fix a scene he appreciated. Perhaps also, as for any sculpture, a desire to cherish these smooth forms, so tempting. But for the swan, it is a little different. Even if he lives in an area of lakes and very close to Annecy's lake, Alexandre was undoubtedly already thinking to represent a specimen of it, but he never decide to try it yet. On a friend request, he decided that he had to do it. The Bird was built on a photography basis and when he finished to carve and polish it, Alexandre had a lot of regret in looking it "taking off" towards its new home, on another lake shore : the Léman.