Année : 1994
Exemplaires : 1
Hauteur (cm) : 39

Thats an evidence, the "gantelet" of Alexandre Gantelet is first a joke of the artist concerning his patronym. Indeed, the gantelet is this iron glove that the knights of the Middle Ages were wearing to complete their armour. Naturally peaceful, so far from any warlike spirit, Alexandre however carved in the clay, its own hand (a agricultor hand ), holding a sword... out of wooden! With the assistance of hir nephew, the sculptor Stephane Gantelet, he built this bronze hand, then put on it steel scales, whose knights would undoubtedly have appreciated result. At the end he just fix it on a base whose points look like a sword. The rolling movement suggested by the curve of the base, lets us imagine the ardor of this raised hand, ready to defend all the noble causes.
Work proposed at the concours de la Biennale de La Roche sur Foron (1994), in amateur category. Alexandre won an honourable 5th place, to this competition whose topic was "the hand".

Stéphane Gantelet - Sculptor